Previous Events

2016 Oct — Airshow Melbourne
2016 Sept — Sustain San Francisco
2016 June — Airshow San Francisco
2016 June — Airshow Boston
2016 May — Airshow Boston
2016 Mar — Subscribe San Francisco
2016 Apr — Subscribe New York

2015 Dec - Glance San Francisco

2014 Dec - Airshow Boston
2014 Nov - Airshow Seattle
2014 Jun - Postmodern Computing
2014 May - Airshow Tokyo
2014 Mar - Airshow Vancouver
2014 Feb - Airshow London
2014 Jan - Airshow San Jose

2013 Dec - Airshow New York
2013 Dec - Airshow Boston
2013 Nov - Airshow Helsinki
2013 Jun - Airshow San Francisco



“Airshow: Post-PowerPoint storytelling.” —Jean-Louis Gassée

“Airshow was amazing. Business stories with cinematic impact made easy with perspective”  — Paul Brody, Strategy Leader, EY

“Airshow has fundamentally changed how I give client and industry presentations. It is an important tool in my toolbox which allows me to showcase my data and my story in ways that help audiences gain deeper insight and perspective.” — Ben Bajarin, Tech.pinions

“Nobody brings numbers to life like Horace Dediu does.” —Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Fortune/CNN

“The unhurried nature of Airshow is just terrific and in contrast to many other events.  Anyone who goes will gain their own purposes.” —Steve Crandall

“Airshow is a treat [...] showing how to make the audience wonder.” —Bertram Gugel

“Airshow is surpassing my expectations. Very interesting deep content.” —Ryan Singer, Basecamp.