London UK, Feb 26, 2014

Airshow visited London on Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014. For the latest Airshow, see Locations.

Why Airshow?

Whether one-on-one or in front of millions on TV, presentations are the primary means of persuasion in business. The problem is that most people receive no training in how to compose the most crucial images they project to an audience and the tools available do not take advantage of motion, touch, processing power, mobility and high resolutions.

Airshow teaches principles of persuasion using techniques of cinematography and visual storytelling.

What You Will Learn

You’ll learn how to:

  • Persuade with logic, empathy and credibility.
  • Present rich data as compelling and emotionally engaging
  • Get hands-on experience with modern tools of persuasion including tablets and interactive, touch-based interfaces.

You have the data. You have the audience. All you need is a story and a screenplay. How do you build them?

There are techniques which are proven to work. They’ve been used by writers, performers and playwrights for centuries. Professional presentation coaches will teach you far less and at greater expense.

  • Airshow is better and less expensive, especially in terms of time.
  • Airshow is an intimate experience. Audience size is limited.
  • All the tools and techniques needed in one day of intense, inspirational and engaging training.

Now is the time to learn presentation skills for the post-PC era.

What People Say About Airshow

“Airshow: Post-PowerPoint storytelling.” 
—Jean-Louis Gassée

“Airshow was amazing. Business stories with cinematic impact made easy with perspective” 

— Paul Brody, Global Business Leader, IBM

“Airshow has fundamentally changed how I give client and industry presentations. It is an important tool in my toolbox which allows me to showcase my data and my story in ways that help audiences gain deeper insight and perspective.” 
— Ben Bajarin, Tech.pinions

“Nobody brings numbers to life like Horace Dediu does.” 
—Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Fortune/CNN

“Airshow is a treat [...] showing how to make the audience wonder.” 

—Bertram Gugel

“Airshow is surpassing my expectations. Very interesting deep content.” 
—Ryan Singer, 37signals.


Produced by
Asymco + Pixxa.


Sponsored by IBM.


IBM Innovation Centre 
76/78 Upper Ground 
South Bank 
London SE1 9PZ, UK

 Map / Directions



Airshow event starts at 9:30am and will run no later than 4:00pm. Registrants will receive details via email prior to the day of the event.

See IBM Innovation Centre website for more information about directions and hotel information.


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