Aristotle defined the art of persuasion 

Orson Welles showed how moving pictures could be art

Edward Tufte showed how design affects the perception of visual information

Hans Rosling proved that statistics presentations need not be boring

Powerpoint took it all away.

It's time to re-discover the code of live storytelling; to apply principles of rhetoric, theater and cinema to presentations; to use big data to make an even bigger impact; and to never be boring again.

Come and learn presentation lyricism.

Bring your iPad.






Airshow New York was our best workshop yet. We sold out to an audience who engaged and challenged us to perform. After three shows we feel we have honed the show format to a fine performance. We are learning more each time, so we aspire to do better on the next Airshow.

 What you should expect to get out of an Airshow workshop: 

  • Learn the principles of visual persuasion.
  • Learn how to present rich data in a compelling and emotionally engaging way.
  • Get hands-on experience with our tools of persuasion: Perspective on the iPad.

The method we devised borrows heavily from Cinematography and screenwriting to impart meaning to the audience beyond the literal words spoken or images shown on screen. This includes such concepts as Framing, Light & Color, Depth, Motion, Reveal, Texture, Establishment, Characterization, and Point of View.

These techniques are demonstrated in context of a “feature” presentation and then deconstructed in interactive lectures. Throughout we also weave rhetorical tips and tricks from the repertoire of stories we have told around the world. The day ends with a hands-on exercise. iPads are required.

At the end of the seminar you should be able to understand:

  • how data can be used to persuade through an appeal to logic as well as through empathy.
  • the basics of “data cinematicism” including techniques analogous to cinematography and direction.
  • story development techniques including how to facilitate the audience’s entry into the story.
  • how to build a cinematic presentation.








We look forward to seeing you at the next Airshow!


Due to the demand met in New York we decided to return there on December 5th. We also plan to present at our home towns of Helsinki in November and Boston in December. We are grateful to IBM Electronics for their sponsorship of the Airshow Workshop.




Wed, November 27
IBM Helsinki HQ
Laajalahdentie 23, Helsinki

Register - €495 + VAT
Academic - €248 + VAT





Tue, December 3
IBM - 170 Tracer Lane, Waltham
 Note Address Change 

Register - $795  



Thursday, Dec 5
IBM Center
11 Maiden Lane, New York

Register - $895
Academic - $448

We adjust the format and schedule of the workshop to accommodate each venue. Typically they run a full day, starting at 9:00/9:30am until 4:30pm/5pm. Participants will receive details via email prior to the day of the workshop.



If you would like to bring persuasive skills to your organization we suggest scheduling a Private Airshow. Contact us for details.

SOLD OUT - no more seats are available, but you can get on a list to be notified for the next one.