We are elated by the first-day response to Airshow: World Tour. Our demand-based scheduling approach Airshow is of course new & homegrown. Early informal research indicates we may be the first conference to have tried it.

Despite all this, the first day went very well... What a relief! We had of course thought all this through but you never know what happens when you unleash a new idea in the real world. A lot of pieces had to be in place for this to work: reasoning about the jobs to be done of Airshow events, defining a crowdfunding scheme that is balanced, predictable, and simple, applying Occam's Razor to it, finding fewest words to explain the concept, working with IBM's reservation system for their world-wide venues, implementing the scheme on top of the ticketing system, designing tickets so that early backers can be rewarded, and so on.

And so far so good: most folks "got" the idea and our ticketing system tito performed admirably despite the number of tickets we had created. (A few administrative glitches, typos and explanation issues were detected by the masses and overcome quickly. We even got covered by Fortune/CNN tech blog!) 

As with all new experiments, we know we will meet some challenges. We look forward to facing these as we "learn by doing", just like we have done in the past two years. Most of all we appreciate the support, input & suggestions of our audience.

Thank you all for your participation. Looking forward to meeting you in person at an Airshow near you.

P.S., The coolest part about real-life is that it's so hard to predict. We still have no idea how this will turn out. There is only one way to find out. Stay tuned!

AuthorFarshad Nayeri