We started Airshow with the explicit goal of pushing the envelop in storytelling with data. We wanted to bring data to life as means to connect with our audience. If only we could get the iPad to fly, we could spin circles around boring slideshows. 

After much practice, and a custom-built engine, were ready to take Airshow on the road. If only we could find some runways around the world...

Enter Paul Brody, an IBM global industry leader. An early believer in our cause, he facilitated IBM offices around the world as venues for Airshow. This was a tall order at any company, let alone one with nearly half a million employees.

It was a crazy plan and it worked.

Tomorrow, we will conduct the 10th Airshow in Tokyo—our debut in Asia. We still have much to learn, but this much we know: Airshow would not have gotten off the ground without the generosity of Paul and his amazing team.

Given his superpowers (including his iPad WPM), and the recently announced Apple+IBM partnership, we were not too surprised to learn about Paul's new leadership role at IBM Mobility. We wish him well in his new position at IBM! 

It is our true honor to count Paul Brody as our sponsor and our friend. 

—The Airshow Crew

To celebrate, we are opening Airshow Tokyo to anyone who: 
(a) works for IBM
(b) works for Apple or
(c) is an IBM customer.

Register here.
Fine print: Company identification required. Registrations limited. First come, First serve.

AuthorFarshad Nayeri