Airshow San Jose 2014 reached quorum as of 6:06pm local time. 

We have now entered a 24-hour grace period to cover those who were in the process of registering for the event. During this period, tickets will be on sale at the early registration rates.

At 6:06pm tomorrow (1/10/2014) San Jose-local time, early registration discounts will be removed.

→ Register for Airshow San Jose (50% discount)

→ Learn more about Airshow.

[Update: Grace period has now expired, but limited seats remain.]

Feb 26 - World Tour Ranking Update

  1. London
  2. Raleigh
  3. Vancouver
  4. Austin/Seattle
  5. Zurich/Tokyo
  6. Sydney/Stockholm

Also in the running: AmsterdamHong KongShanghaiSingaporeSão PauloPrague.

AuthorFarshad Nayeri